Shape it up, shekerim

After an intense day at work, I have not seen a single rehearsal clip today, but some rather trustworthy sources keep feeding me with reports stating that the Swiss rehearsals was an impressively grand disaster of almost cosmic dimensions. I hear talk that not a single note was placed in its right spot and that the Meneguzzi voice cracked totally more than once.

This wasn't supposed to happen. I had him as my winner and now I don't know what to think. Most confusing.

But on the other hand, real professionals take the opportunity of singing badly during the first rehearsals to improve greatly when the cameras get switched on for real. Wonderful singers like Natalia Barbu and even the majestic Sopho Khalvashi broke their voices during the initial rehearsals in Helsinki, so why shouldn't Paolo? Andorras Gisela clearly held back as well. There is no point in doing your best when you are just practising angles.

Maybe I will have to end up agreeing with everyone else who seem to think Ani Lorak is the thing this year, and she will blow everyone else off stage. Could very well be. I still find the song too weak, but she is breathtakingly professional. And Kyiv was nice, wouldn't mind going back there. (Did I mention that I am definitely going next year...?)

Ani Lorak - Another Little Shot - Ukrainian NF 2005


Anonymous said...

I dun wanna be the dumb amerikansk here, but was this for the NF for ESC 2004 or 2005? Is this the infamous song that lost to GreenJolly in the NF?

Oh and Meneguzzi totally sucked. Huge disappointment.

Tobias said...

You are absolutely right, Zach. Sometimes people push buttons too fast, and sometimes it is me who does. There wasn't even a Ukranian NF in 2004. The song was released back in 2004, that is what confused me. (That, and my age.) :)

Aidan aka Schlager Queen said...

Hey Tobias
I am exactly the same. Gutted I won't be in Belgrade. Switz have time to iprove 'molitva' had an awful 1st rehearsal last year!Ive added your blog on my links;)

Anonymous said...

Okej nu..tack. :P

Chig said...

Paolo looked tired, and you're right. There was no need to give it all his energy. I think he'll be much better later. People who saw San Remo said he can really sing well.

Pierre said...

Your friends must be true drama queens. :) The clips I've seen from his rehearsals show a far from perfect, though promising, performance. I think he'll handle it just fine when the big day is in.

Alger said...

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