Questions well worth asking

Nobody wants to be a party pooper, of course, and nobody wants to be the one telling the hostess her punch tastes like gasoline. Most eurofans posing as journalists only ask very polite questions about singers who took part in the various national finals, could you sing something for us or what is your favourite colour. Deep stuff, in other words.

But there are real journalists down there as well. Who realise that Eurovision is not only a showcase for music and entertainment - politics are omnipresent. Also at a song contest.

There are a few harsh questions that would be interesting to have answered, either the people on the podium would want them or not.

Question to the TV people of Azerbaijan: You are new to Eurovision and very keen to host the contest. Recent reports tell that Azerbaijan is one of the five countries that jailed most journalists in the world last year. If you win the contest and stand as hosts next year, is it safe for me, as a journalist not willing to write only what I am told to write, to go to your country next year?

Question to the TV people of Estonia: Your entry includes waving a lot of flags on stage. In the Estonian final, one of the participants was forbidden to wave the rainbow flag, a well established international gay symbol, on stage. What is the Estonian television's view on homosexuals and their rights?

Question to Serbian television: Upon arrival in Belgrade, delegations recieved a note concerning security, where they were advised not to discuss homosexuality or act gay for as long as they stay in Serbia. What is your official standpoint on violence towards minorities, and should people belonging to minorities feel afraid while being in Serbia?

There would be a lot of booing in the press centre, I am sure. You should only ask polite questions about dresses and key-changes and favourite dishes. But still. Somebody should ask. It would be most interesting to hear the answers.


Schlagerprick said...

Totally agreed - everyone complains about politics in Eurovision, but i don't think it's a good idea to seperate the two entirely, especially when it comes to issues that are in effect closely related to the contest.

Chig said...

All good points. I asked Lordi if they would come to the UK, and then they did! My questions get RESULTS! Ha, ha!

(It's on the 2006 DVD, disc 2, for anyone who wants to check!)

oskyldig said...

Homosexuality and Eurovision go hand in hand; but it's not the only thing! There is so much more...

Like glitter, and fabulousness. ;) haha