TobSon Top 5 winners

This was so much fun... So before Nina even starts presenting herself, I will present the five best Eurovision winners ever in my book. Just to give you a hint...

#5 Un banc, un arbre, une rue - Séverine - Monaco 1971

A classic, elegant eurosong that never goes out of fashion. Indestructible chorus and a great rendition from Séverine. (And believe me: it is even better in Finnish!)

#4 Si la vie est cadeau - Corinne Hermès - Luxembourg 1983

No Swedes could ever understand how come Carola didn't win with "Främling" in 1983. But isn't that obvious? How could anyone beat Corinne? Yet another big belter in French, of the kind I can't resist.

3. Poupée de cire, poupée de son - France Gall - Luxembourg 1965

The first pop song to win the contest is still the best one. This one has it all, and France also proves that you don't need to be a perfect singer to catch people's attention.

2. Après toi - Vicky Leandros - Luxembourg 1972

This used to be my all-time Eurovision fave entry. I still love it like crazy, but it is also one of those songs you heard so many times you never feel the urge to put it on yourself. It is a masterpiece, however. When the sun sets in Euroland, it will never rise again. Heartbreak is forever. And I get the shivers.

1. Tu te reconnaîtras - Anne-Marie David - Luxembourg 1973

I know - isn't it weird? All my top five favourite winners are in French (and none competed for France!) and four out of five are from Luxembourg. It may seem beyond reason, but who needs reason when there are songs like these? They just don't write songs like these anymore... Besides, anyone who had a heart would love Anne-Marie David until he crumbles. I sure do.

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