Carola? Again?

We have the joker spots for Melodifestivalen ready, and nobody able to read or hear was really surprised by any of the four. Amy Diamond, Eskobar and Niklas Strömstedt - the newspapers knew and happily ruined the excitement for everybody well in advance.

And then the "superduo" of Carola Häggkvist and Andreas Johnson. The given winner on paper. Carola tends to win this contest and Andreas has grown very popular with the crowd on his previous two attempts in MF.

I just fail to feel any excitement about Carola being back. Again. Doesn't she know anything else beyond Eurovision? Isn't there any new goal to achieve in her career? I won't do Carola-bashing here, so many people do it anyway. But isn't it time for her to conquer a new horizon and stop pushing the repeat-button?

Or maybe this is the new start she is looking for. The first single from the duo sounds promising, as Andreas and his producer took a firm grip on Carola's vocal chords and made her vocally more relaxed instead of wailing the house down, "Invincible"-style.

I predict them to go bang into the final and then end third in the Globe. A solid placing, a solid radio hit, and let the story end there.

Carola and Andreas singing "Lucky Star" at Idrottsgalan in Stockholm.


oskyldig said...

I'm not surprised by this duo, or Melodifetivalen's choice to include it this year. I am a bit dissapointed, however since it's a clear-cut favourite and thus will just probably plow through the competition.

Why can't we just allow someone else to win for once, and not include such huge names just to increase ratings.

On the flipside, I think that it won't be as successful as we think, because it's not so upbeat as previous years and thus not something that we can rah-rah cheer about, and then get up and dance to it! Regardless, interesting to see how the votes will come in.

Remind me to find some sattelite access to SVT for the next few months, or I'm going to die. ;)

Tobias said...

I know it's not much of a comfort, maybe, but you can watch the shows on SVT Play shortly after they are over... But I have no idea how you could see SVT over there...