Army of Peace

As Flanders are going out of their way to find a successful entry for Belgrade (the last time Flanders made it into top 10 was back in 1977), let us remind ourselves what the Flemings are capable of.

This song was largely ridiculed at the time - it was a bit "too much" with its aggressivly positive message and slightly naïve choreography, but unlike most of the songs back in 1987, this one has lived on in people's minds. A true classic, in other words.

And in these days of Flemish singers who don't deliver on the Eurostage (like Xandee and Kate Ryan, just to name two), the Belgians wouldn't need to look further than to ask Liliane to do take part again. She still sings like a nightingale and looks better than ever. Liliane and a good song could do the trick, I think.

And while waiting for that, I thoroughly enjoy this treaure from the Belgian vaults.

Liliane St Pierre - Soldiers of Love - Belgium 1987


Nina said...

Oh, fabulous Liliane! She was the highlight of the Stockholm Pride Schlagernight for me. What a star!

Guy said...

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