Crazy Portuguese!

Now this is absurd! It is weird! It is completely wacko and everyone on stage is aware of it. The Portuguese have never lost their marbles in this grand old way either before or after "Playback" in 1981.

Of course nobody understood. A second last place tied with almost equally brilliant Turkey was all Carlos Paião brought with him back home. The juries never had a sense of humour.

But please Portugal - don't let that bring you down! Please be happy, clappy, fun and barking mad again. If you do I promise to vote for you at least once this year.

(Miss Posh hates this one, by the way. But don't let that stop you. Better to offend some than not to entertain anyone at all. Carlos can be proud of this up there in heaven.)

Carlos Paião - Playback - Portugal 1981


Anonymous said...

Hur kan Nina inte gilla den här? Det är ju en av Portugals bästa nånsin!
/Mattias i Visby

Tobias said...

Jag vet. Men hon är inte sådär över sig förtjust i Portugal på det hela taget. Men hon är rätt söt ändå.