Especially for you Malta

Checked some statistics over at statcounter.com and it turns out we've had an enormous invasion of readers from Malta this weekend. Yay! Many of you are searching for lyrics. Sorry, we don't have them but please stay around and make yourself at home.

Posh & Becks of Eurovision love Malta! And we love Claudette Pace over everything else in the world. If you see her walking the streets of Valletta say hi from us, ok. :-) I have once been sitting opposite Claudette in a press room during Eurovision week. Her, me, with only two computers between us. It was magic and I almost pissed myself from the excitement. Well, almost! ;-) She IS a true schlager-icon after all!

Claudette's rehearsal in Stockholm 2000 was the very first rehearsal I saw on a ESC-stage. She was belting it out like if there was no tomorrow. Goosebumps. I spoke briefly with her at some of the parties during the week and she was lovely.

So, dear readers from Malta. I raise my glass (Vodka, of course!) and welcome you all to our new home in cyberspace. Cheers!

Claudette Pace - "Desire" (ESC 2000)

ps. Lyrics for "Vodka" and all ESC-entries 1956-2008 are found over at The Diggiloo Thrush,

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Tobias said...

Claudette is Wonder Woman. Get her back on stage, Malta! I am begging you!