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I've caught a cold so I decided that I might as well spend the morning in front of the computer catching up on what my neighbours in Norway have been up to the past two weekends. They're a funny lot those vikings. Sometimes they get it just right and other times they are as useless as the Swedish televoters when it comes to picking the right choices.

This is my mini review of semi 1 & 2.

Podium - Lystgass
Screechy guitars, not much of a melody. Grew tired of it after 40 seconds.
Ann-Mari Andersen - Ándagassii
Cool song in Sami. I could see this on a ESC-stage.
Nicholas Carlie - Colliding
Piece of nonsense. Typical NF (national final) song that you fast forward.
Michelle - Baby Don't Stop The Music
Modern beat, beautiful girl. Kylie-vibes. Best this year!
Tinkerbells - Hold On
Country-girl-group. Closer to Kikki Danielsson than Jill Johnson. Shame.
Veronika Akselsen - Am I Supposed To Love Again
Still, sophisticated ballad. Perhaps better fitted for the musical stage.

Norway voted: Ándagassii & Am I Supposed directly to the final. Lystgass & Hold On to Siste Sjansen.
My choice: Baby Don't Stop & Ándagassii to final. Am I Supposed & Hold On to Siste Sjansen.

Zuma - Always, Always
Retro somewhere between A-Ha and Lustans Lakejer. Pretty good but there is something irritating about the singer on stage.
Cube - Would You Spend The Night With Me
Weak attempt penned by Glam (Wig Wam). Understand why he gave it away. The Cube-singer's voice is a bit too whiny for my taste.
Anne Hvidsten - A Little More
Countrypop with singer-songwriter feel to it. Quite cute but no winner.
Crash! - Get up
Not all that bad but still something missing. You can definitely hear that Wig Wam-Teeny is the composer.
Sven Garås - I'm In Love
Maria Haukaas Storeng - Hold On Be Strong
Contemporary soul with a touch of the 60s. Very good voice. Could very well be seen in the British charts at the moment.

Norway voted: Get Up & Hold On Be Strong directly to the final. Always, Always & A Little More to Siste Sjansen.
My choice: Hold On Be Strong & Always, Always to final. Get Up & A Little More to Siste Sjansen.

My top 3 so far is Baby Don't Stop, Hold On Be Strong and Ándagassii. However, I had a quick listen to next week's songs and there are a few entries to look forward to. With that said I think the Norwegians will choose either Crash or Ann-Mari Andersen to represent them in Eurovision in the end. Go to NRK to watch the broadcasts!

Photos: NRK

Michelle - "Baby, Don't Stop The Music"

Maria Haukaas Storeng - "Hold On, Be Strong"


Tobias said...

I actually think Norway will select "Hold on be strong" out of these four on display, even though I would hope for "Ándagassii".
Crash would be a huge, HUGE mistake. Wig Wam with a headache, is my only impression of them.

Nina said...

I do hope you are right!

Tobias said...

After some further thinking, I actually start believing Norway could win with "Hold on be strong". A sober version of Amy Winehouse could very well be what the world needs now.

Roger said...

Michelle was robbed, really! Stupid Norwegians :) Zuma is my fave but the performance let it down. Maria could well win the MGP, but she is a tad boring on stage, no? Cool song though.

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