Belarusian Pudding

Belarus has selected for Belgrade, and the winner is Ruslan Alehno, singing "Hasta la vista". The title evokes Schwarzenegger (of course), but also the first ever Ukranian entry back in 2003. And also one of TV Ljubljana's entries for the 1990 Yugoslav final, performed by Pop Design featuring a young Vili Resnik by the microphone. (And that was even before Terminator 2, mind you.)

So, what is the Belarus entry like? Well, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Put in a bowl, shake well, add nothing.

It is not bad, it is not strikingly good. Ruslan sings OK but does not have a stage radiation that threatens to burn holes through the screen either. An OK song, a piece of schlager we have heard before. The same old pudding that grandma always serves after Sunday dinner - we like it, but we never miss it between the times it is served.

And if a schlager-by-the-numbers is what will set Europe on fire this year, I believe more in the aggressively cheerful ditty from Andorra instead.

Ruslan Alehno - Hasta la vista - Belarus 2008


Zach said...

I think the song is so-so. 5/10 points. Not bad, but not great.

My personal hope for 2008 is not a schlager filled year, but a year where more countries will send entries in their native language(s).

And finally, speaking of Hasta La Vista, I heard through the grapevine that Svika Pick submitted a song for KDAM 2008. Europe might have to suffer another Svika song...prepare yourselves. Of course do not quote this as gospel. Nothing is set in stone. I'm just passing along gossip that my people in the land of milk, honey, and Dana International have told me.

Zach said...

PS: Have you heard Shiri Maimon's new single yet? It's fabulous. I suggest you post it. The Hebrew version is better than the English version, because let's face it, Hebrew will always sound cooler than Engelska.

Anonymous said...

His voice is so terrible :-S sounds like karaoke hahaha