I miss Luxembourg

When I plunged head first into the world of Eurovision, my first love was Luxembourg. There was something exciting and appealing about that tiny country that did so well. Adults told me about when they were young and used to tune into Luxembourg to hear great music, and I marvelled at the fact that the small grand-duchy could be so powerful when it came to creating music.

Much later, I learnt about Radio Luxembourg and realised a thing or two. But back to my childhood.

At the age of ten, I bought the single of Sherisse Laurence and played it over and over and over and loved it. I loved her, I loved the yellow sweater she wore on the cover picture, I loved the english version and I loved the fact that the cover so boldly stated: Eurovision 1986 Selection Luxembourg.

I loved Luxembourg, and it really hurt my feelings when they, quite soon, lost their marbles and started doing worse before dropping out altogether after the 1993 final.

We lost Luxembourg, but I still have the single of Sherisse Laurence. And it is still great.

Sherisse Laurence - L'amour de ma vie - Luxembourg 1986

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