Eesti, Eesti my tasteless friends

Tobias has promised a review of the Estonian finalists tonight but I can't keep my fingers away either. Just thought I'd point out that we are writing from different countries so if our reviews look the same then just blame our exquisite taste.

Just like hubby-dear explained before Eurolaul is very close to my heart too. I've been over to Tallinn for the show several times and through this wonderful world of Eurovision I have become great friends with a bunch of crazy Esti people. That's why it bugs me that they probably will choose their absolute worse entry yet next Saturday. Maybe it's time to go back to an international jury again?

(Click on the title to see the performance on ETV's website)

1. Kreisiraadio - Leto svet
Oh. My. God. Estonian people have no taste so this will win and I will hate it forever. Embarrassing and shockingly bad!!
2. SKA Faktor - Real Big Money
Fun with ska but the vocalist has to improve his English for me to be satisfied. And while you're at it, improve the song a tad too, please.
3. Rolf Junior - One On One
Mika-wannabee with a GREAT song but a too over-the-top performance (love the big backing singer though!). A weak voice in places (nerves?) but normally Rolf is a good singer. Listen!
4. Taavi Peterson - Question Man
Influences from David Bowie but what good is that when Taavi can't sing a single note in tune. And by God, learn how to pronounce your own damn title. It's QuesTion man. You fool!
5. Kristjan Kasearu & Paradise Crew - Üksinduses
Much better on a second run through of the songs. Didn't rate it at all first but it grows. And 10 points to the duet partner. A new Ines?
6. Birgit Õigemeel - 365 Days
Classy performance! The girl can sing. A good ballad but could be more bombastic. Still one of my favourites of the lot.
7. Luisa Värk ja Traffic - It’s Never Too Late
Too nice and bland. Forgettable. Better suited at the local karaoke night. Oh, and shoot the lyricist will ya?!
8. Supernova - Stefani
This is the kind of song and band you'd expect to see on the shabby Tallink ferry between Tallinn-Helsinki. Say no more.
9. Iiris Vesik - Ice-cold Story
Cute and cool at the same time. The girl looks about 13 but has a strong special voice. I like the energy in the air. Amy Diamond meets Björk in a Bond party. Makes sense does it?
10. Luisa Värk ja Margus Vaher - God Inside Your Soul
Again too bland and too much "God inside your soul gives back control" for my liking.

Personal favourites: Rolf, Birgit & Iiris. I would send Rolf Junior off to Belgrade.
The stupid lovable Eesti people will vote: Kreisiraadio

A piece of advice - next year is Anne Veski year!

Interval act Eurolaul 2006: Anne Veski & Toe Tag

More of the ab fab Anne Veski on YouTube.

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Tobias said...

I totally agree. Where is Anne Veski? They should drag her into the studio, kicking and screaming, and force her to win.