Czech republic: the winner

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So, the Czech republic had their say and selected their song for Belgrade and went completely against what I thought. No surprise, as I haven't got the faintest idea what happens in their local scene and who is a star and who is a nobody.

Judging from her clip, Tereza is not just a singer but also a rather sweet waitress at some local hop. Good to know there is another career to lean against if singing wouldn't turn out to be her thing.

Reports from people who saw the national final suggest that she was not entirely in key throughout her performance, but there is time to fine-tune things before May.

My judgement still stands: this is a pleasant pop song that anyone can like at least a bit. But how many people will vote for it in the end?

Tereza Kerndlová - Have Some Fun - Czech Republic 2008

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Zach said...

I like it. This kind of pleasant pop is dominating the airwaves in my homeland (USA) as of late. I hope she will do well, and if not, she can always go back to her cafe.