Swedish export to Romania

The Swedish papers are already in Eurovision-mania-mood reporting about the Romanian pre-selection. Not without reason though as there are some Swedish interests there. But. If they had bothered listening to the songs I'm not too sure they would want to make such a big deal out of it. If any, the Rednex song is the best one of them. That says something about the standard. I don't really get why so many Swedish songwriters feel the urge to send their MF-rejects to other countries? Sure thing if the writers have a genuine collaboration with writers and singers from that other country or if their roots are from there. Or as simple as having one hell of a good song that has "Eurovision winner" written all over it. But all these mediocre attempts?

G:son & co, please do give me an answer. I want to be able to understand your point of view. Because for me it just looks like a typical Swedish von oben attitude. "So this song didn't fit the mighty Melodifestivalen but I'm sure it is strong enough for those 'poor Eastern states' with no good music of their own." Please prove me wrong!

Specially Romania has selected a great bunch of songs in the last few years (2007 may be excused) and their national finals usually hold a good standard. After listening to snippets of the 24 hopefuls this year I wouldn't say that it will go down in history as the best year ever but the Swedish efforts are definitely not going to stand out. My tip is "C'est la vie" by Yanna. Listen at TVR.


Oswald said...

Oh, but after some listenings I'm in love with the ItsRainingMen-tribute that is Mr Frankenstein...and the lyrics are so wonderfully Eurovision.

But I get your point.
I just doesn't agree when it comes to these songs.

Tobias said...

Just put them all in a big box and send them off to somewhere. Aren't there Song Contests on other planets too?