I agree with everything Mr. Becks said about Switzerland so no need for me to repeat it all again. I've always had a weak spot for bombastic Italian ballads and if only Paolo ditches the dancers then this could be a turning point for the country of living vampires.

Next off to Cyprus then...

They had their final last weekend and courtesy of my friend Eurofivestar with a satellite dish I could follow this impressive show live on TV. (You'll understand my sense of irony once you get to know me...) The stage looked like a producer's nightmare from the mid-80s, the singers sounded like rejects from the local Idol audition and the songs turned to the kind of nonsense that didn't even make it to British Song For Europe in the 90s. Am I being too harsh? Well, if you had seen the programme you wouldn't judge me!

The winner wasn't the worst of the lot though but there were at least 2-3 other songs that would have been a slightly better choice. "Femme Fatale" is like a Kinder Egg with three songs smashed into one, or in another way of speaking - a bit schizophrenic. I do like Greek music, much thanks to the goddess Anna Vissi, and in a way I can see why the voters went for the traditional sound and the only entry sung in their native language. But. This will get nowhere in Belgrade.

Cyprus 2008 - Evdokia Kadi - "Femme Fatale"

To think that the same country sent the modern electropop-esque "Comme ci comme ca" with star Evridiki only last year... Shame on you Cypriot song writers!

As a bonus for all of you who didn't get a chance to see the show here is a short re-cap of the 10 entries. Have your say in the comment box!


Tobias said...

Madre Mia!

Is this the best RIK could come up with? Mediocre at its best. It gives me flashbacks to the bad old days of the French selections of the 80's. Stupid, pointless, dated, out of fashion, out of talent.

Go back to internal choices, Cyprus. This will do you no good.

Cypriot said...

i think you are being too polite about the whole show! And im a Cypriot! Cybc will never make anything in a professional manner... Apart from that, well, its our small island, so, we love it hehe. The song, according to my opinion, is not bad. Yes, im biased, i know. But, we've tried the pop thing and it didnt take us anywhere. We've tried the french 80s electro music last year, again it didn't take us anywhere. We've tried the imported greeks from US (Annet) and we were bored even to watch the contest. Only Lisa Andreas was really nice the last years and it was a song not cypriot at all. So, maybe yes, the result is not the biggest target here but at least we send something we enjoy and its close to our listenings. Just like the Finns do these years, sending cheap rock songs (excluding the winners of course) but thats what they like to hear, thats what they feel close to and -above all-obviously thats what they will enjoy the most :)

Good luck to ya all and kep up the good job in the blog :) xxx