Ouch, Estonia!

When I wrote my earlier piece on Eurolaul, I realised I sounded a bit harsh in the tone when talking about the overall quality. Listened again and realised I may be too hard in my judgements, and that I would probably make a mental U-turn and write something kinder after seeing tonight's preview show.

You can forget about that. And it's not the fault of the participants.

There are, you see, good TV shows. And then there are bad ones. And then there are disastrous ones. Garfield the Cat said in one cartoon strip: "Everytime I think we can't go lower, someone shows up with a shovel."

The Eurolaul stage consists, more or less, of one huge screen, showing projections behind the singers. The cameras go here and there and cross-cut and interact with the projections until your eyes bleed, your head hurts and you want to step off the rollercoaster you're on. ETV made my head hurt tonight.

Still, as the Eurovision professional I happen to be, I take a deep breath and try to pass fair judgments to the songs. In a while. To be continued...

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