Just a little bit... of East

These days, when loads of young people have started loving this old contest again, it is easy to feel a little bit old. I remember what this contest used to be like, back in the old times when there was only one Eastern state taking part at all.

Yugoslavia struggled: they came, they sang their songs, they got a few points and went home wondering why nobody loved them. In 1976, when the EBU scrutineer left them in last place when they should not have been there, the Yugoslavs lost their nerves and stayed at home for five years. Then they were on it again.

Finally, at the same time as the political winds turned and the cold war was ending, Yugoslavia managed to win and host the contest in the eleventh hour before the entire country went to pieces the year after.

Now, there are loads of former Eastern states, the so-called ex-communist countries. Some people (quite a few) would claim that they took the entire show over, and that no western countries can ever do well in this climate. Let's look back and remember when there was Yugoslavia, that nobody though could do well, due to the total domination of the West? I can't remember anyone complaining back then.

I like this new world a lot better, I must say.

Ambasadori - Ne mogu skriti svoju bol - Yugoslavia 1976

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