Real schlager

It is not my intention to step on Belarus or their attempt at doing schlager/pop the way the Swedes do, but if you want real, big, bombastic schlager - this is the way to do it. Ann-Louise was too good for Sweden back in 1982.

Ann-Louise Hanson - Kärleken lever - Melodifestivalen 1982


Björn said...

Oooh, those were the days... Only 5th place. I wouldn´t use the word scandal, but a disgrace that Liza Öhman´s "Hey hi ho" scored more votes than this one.

Tobias said...

Isn't it a disgrace that "Hey Hi Ho" scored at all? Or that Liza was willing to touch it with the far end of a long stick?

Nina said...

I love you Tobias! Old school schlager at its best! By far the best MF entry in 1982.

Miles said...

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