Silli-silli-sillicone valley

I'm back in the game after a dose of real life during the week, but I'm here with a nasty ear infection which has caused me temporarily loss of hearing in my right ear. Will that have impact on my review of the remaining songs from Norway?

MGP semi 3
Avalanche - Two Monkeys (On The Roof)
Liked it better in studio version. Had an image of a young poppy band and not an old couple. A likeable song get's lost on stage.
Maria Trøen - Here When I’m Calling
Just doesn't work when cheerful Norway is trying to be dark in a Hanna Pakarinen kind of way.
Ole Ivars - Som I Himmelen
Danceband close to "Tre gringos" (by Swedish Thor-Leifs & Just D). No thanks though.
Lene Alexandra - Sillicone Valley
Much more Kylie crossed with Pay TV than that awful "My boobs are ok". I enjoy this! And do read Schlagerboys interview with Lene. I was surprised. Likeable girl!
Torstein Sødal - Eastern Wind
Pocahontas travels on the Titanic where her heart goes on. Ok but ten years too late.
King Of Trolls - Far Away
Schlagerprofilerna said it best: "Roger Pontare goes to Norway and sleeps with 80s group Slade." Catchy tune but haven't we seen enough of trolls and monsters on stage by now?

Norway voted: Far Away & Eastern Wind directly to the final. Som i himmelen & Sillicone Valley to Siste Sjansen.
My choice: Sillicone Valley & Far Away to final. Two Monkeys & Eastern Wind to Siste Sjansen.

My hope is definitely Maria Haukaas Storeng's "Hold On Be Strong" for victory in the final!

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