Montenegro is full of song

Tonight, six montenegrins are singing their hearts out in competition as who will be the second one to represent Montenegro as an independent nation in Eurovision. Rumours on the net all have it that the whole thing is rigged to make Stefan Filipović win it, but the good news for whoever carries the trophy is that he or she can't possibly do worse than last year's Montenegrine entry.

Stevan Faddy most rank among the least charming Eurovision contenders ever. He sang badly, he was unfriendly to journalists and fans and managed to make himself rather impopular throughout the week. Not to mention that "song" of his. Sheer terror.

I know Montenegro can do it a lot better than that. No Name were great in my book back in 2005, and the two Montenegrine contributions under Yugoslav flag were good too. Best of luck to the Black Mountain with their entry of 1984 (which also won the Yugoslav final due to extensive cheating - some things never quite change).

Ida & Vlado - Ciao Amore - Yugoslavia 1984

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Shawn said...

There's no doubt, the dude is absolutely just.
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