To Slovenia with love

Given my big interest for Former Yugoslavia and its components, it is confusing that I never knew much about Slovenia until they entered Eurovision on their own. Forgive me, Slovenians, I have bettered myself since. Slovenia is one of those countries I always look forward to, and just like Finland, they have had an ability to come up with clever, easy-going little songs that the world often failed to see the brilliance in.

Who cares about success, though? Being there and being good is all that matters, and if nobody understands you - it is their loss. And, as Sestre taught us in Tallinn: Slovenia is the only country in Europe that contains the word LOVE.

Is there a thing such as love as first sight? Yes. I fell head over heels in love with this song when I first saw the previews back in 1993, and my enthusiasm never wore off. Since I love the clip and the live performance all the same, I have to hand you both.

And no, Europe didn't understand this one either. Of course. (But people did vote for that piece of mediocricy that was "Cvet z juga". People are strange.)

1 X Band - Tih deževen dan - Slovenia 1993


Bollinger Bolshevik said...

*Shock* - I voted 'Cvet z juga' in the semi!!!

Then again, I voted Verka in the final, so what do I know about quality? ;)

Tobias said...

I know many people who misunderstood and thought "Cvet z juga" to be a brilliant song. It is not all bad, but it was very badly performed (not vocally, but everything else).
Verka was always top class, though. :)