Nina - the introduction

Hello to the people!

Gosh, I feel like the queen giving her Christmas speech... Since Tobias has already proclaimed the title of Becks, I suppose my alter ego from now on will be Posh. But you might know me better as Nina.

My path in Eurovision world started when I was a 2-year-old. I've been told that I went around singing my own version of "Diggiloo Diggiley" everywhere. Same words, just a tad different melody. Long gone are the days of golden shoes (unless you count my precious golden slippers!) and as my interest in this spectacle of a TV-show grew so did my taste in music. One of these days I'll make a list of ESC-songs you need to like or die. ;-)

1998 I went up to my local paper and told them that I was going to review the ESC-songs for them and of course they agreed. I had done my own reviews for friends and family, based on the previews, as from 1993 when I was 11. It was in the stars that my path in Eurovision world would trigger me into the wonderful world of journalism. The next year (-99) my local paper sent me to Melodifestivalen as press and there and then the monster was created. There was no going back. Commenting on the show and songs to a wider audience from behind the scenes was too much fun to ignore in the future.

Tobias and I worked together in Globen 2000, my very first ESC-week, and what a blast we had. The preparations for this enormous event contained of so much more than just rehearsals. For a young student living in a small town this was AMAZING as a Greek-American woman would have put it.

This is the story of how I came to freelance for different papers and give live reports to radio shows during the ESC-week for years to come. And also the story of how I ended up spending five years in Finland - studying journalism at university for three of them. Eurovision 2007 became the most hectic ESC-week ever for me work wise (EBU-interviews with singers backstage, co-presenter of a Eurovision special on Finnish TV and official Eurovision reviewer and blogger for Radio X3M), but also the most emotional and memorable one. Not to mention the most obsurd one. Hello, Eurovision in FINLAND goddammit!!

Together with ex-flatmate, friend and fellow blog partner Tobias, we surely are the top Eurovision experts around. And the best looking ones. It's not for nothing we are called the Posh and Becks of Eurovision you know! :-)

Enjoy our ramblings and reviews! And please do send us comments!


Tobias said...

Yay! Now we are up and running for real! (Should we get one of those visitor maps as well?)
Shake it, shake it, shake it - as a wise Swizzerian would put it.

Nina said...

This is fun! Yes, a visitor map to put in the bottom of the page would be good. And also an account on statcounter.com so we can spy on our readers. :p