Tobias - the introduction

So, the new blog! Devoted to the wonderful world of Eurovision, a place it seems almost impossible to overdose on.

I am Tobias, in other words Becks, devoted follower of this contest ever since back 1983. Recorded everything, bought any crappy compilation of cover versions I could find, watched my videotapes over and over and tortured my surroundings with Greek choruses and Swiss keychanges until I realised there were more people like me in the world I could rub against.

Thanks to a series of happy co-incidences and lucky circumstances, I found myself working with Eurovision in Stockholm 2000 - both for the Eurovision fanclub as well as for Swedish Television, and since then the ball is rolling. I have researched the previews since 2002, co-worked with commentators since 2004 and in 2007 I was in charge of the official YLE website in Swedish concerning the ESC.

I am native Swede who lives in Finland since 2002, and I tend to cheer more for Finland than Sweden. I am a sucker for underdogs, I always loved Turkey and Cyprus, and my current favourite country in the contest is the Ukraine - the wackiest place around.

I have had my own Euroblog before (and you can still read it here), but when the beautiful and talented Nina, also my ex-flatmate, suggested a joint blog, I realised the potential... This is the place where we talk, discuss, disagree... And so we should, as we really know what we are talking about.

Now over to you, dear Nina! Introduce yourself to the people!


Anonymous said...

Woohooo! En blogg jag kommer följa med glädje!
Mattias i Visby

Tobias said...

Hejsan hejsan!
Vad roligt att du hittat hit! Joo, läs flitigt och kommentera allt du orkar! :D

Lewis said...

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