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I will start to educate you lot on what is good and what is bad when it comes to music. In the section "Nina's Song of the Day" you will find just about anything as long as it has some link to Eurovision. The Good, the Bad & the Silly. All will be embraced here.

To start off this project we need one of the Good. I decided on a song that very well could have become a Eurovision classic, or at least the Finnish entry 1980. But back then Finnish TV was involved with two singing competitions. Euroviisut for Eurovision and Interviisut for the Sopot Festival (Eastern replica of the then western ESC).

The beautiful and talented Marion Rung, who had represented Finland in ESC 62 & 73, was chosen to perform "Hyvästi yö" in the Sopot Festival 1980. It was allowed to sing in English so the song then was called "Where is the love" and won the entire contest. I often wonder what would have happened if Marion had gone to ESC instead of the hideous "Huilumies"? I bet she would have given Johnny Logan a run for the money!

So here is a song I love deeply performed by the most stunning star Finland ever produced. Love it or die!

Marion Rung - "Where Is The Love" (Hyvästi yö)
Winner of Sopot Festival 1980

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Tobias said...

"Hyvästi yö" would have made at least Top 5 in The Hague, I am sure. Marion really is the best star ever from Finland. People who don't love her are insane. Just so you know.