Eurolaul coming up

Tonight, at 21:35 EET, ETV will preview the ten entries for this year's Estonian final for Eurovision. Eurolaul is a beloved event in my book, and since I moved to Finland in late 2002, I have seen it live every year but two.

Back then, Estonia was a rocketing nation within the Euroworld. They had come, virtually from nowhere, placing in top ten almost every year, winning the whole shebang and subsequently also be the first "new" country to host it. Since then, unfortunately, the plug fell out of the bathtub and all the water leaked out.

Since the introduction of the semi finals in 2004, Estonia has never made it into the final, and, to add insult to injury, they keep scoring worse and worse in the semi as well.

I am afraid that trend could be kept going this year. Like in 2007, it seems the cage doors have swung open and all the choruses flew away. Many songs are ambitious and well meant, but there are very few things to remember afterwards.

I have listened to all the songs already at the Eurolaul homepage, but will come back to review them once I see the preview. There is hope, there is. But there is not much of it. And no song gets all the way up to the old Estonian standard.

Where are Ines, Maarja, Evelin and Koit when Estonia needs them?

Ines - Iseendale - Estonian NF 2006

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