Please, Norway! Sing in Sámi!

Norway is well into its pre-selection season, with two out of three semi finals taken care of already. I will review the songs as soon as the eight final songs are all known, but I can already pin-point my favourite song of them all.

Ann-Mari Andersen is just utter brilliance when she does her "Ándagassii", and I crack up from side to side. First things first: this is a very brave entry in Eurovision as it is both deeply ethnic and very modern at the same time. Ann-Mari is stunning and her voice is tremendous: expressive, intense, captivating.

Performing the song in Sámi is also a streak of genius. What a rich, soft, melodic language this is. Tuneful and very appealing. I must admit to being quite uneducated when it comes to Sami-languaged pop, but this one blows me away.

I also believe it would be a good move for Norway to send something genuine and ethnic to Belgrade. As more and more people complain about the Eastern domination instead of improving their own entries, "Ándagassii" could strike a chord with viewers both here and there. They would be unable to understand the words, but they would feel the song communicating with them. Just like "Molitva" did in 2007.

Also, it would be time for NRK to give something back to the Sami population after doing them wrong by sending "Saamid Aednan" to the Hague back in 1980. Payback time, if I could have my way.

Ann-Mari Andersen "Ándagassii" (Norway NF 2008)

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