Malta: Vodka

Just as I suspected, the Devil left his door slightly un-shut tonight, and Malta voted Morena into first place in the Song for Europe contest.

I can't shake the feeling that this musical cocktail will dizzy the audience more than delight them and that the thing the Maltese believe to be a Russian knockout will be nothing more than a Maltese hiccup.

However, this is a song that will get noticed, that will stand out from any crowd whatever it looks like and that benefits from a seriously impressive singer. Let's hope team Vella/Borg won't mess up the presentation like last year, but to keep it as simple as it is.

Many people will love this, but it mainly does the same thing for me as the drink in question would: it makes my mind spin and my head ache. But maybe that is the key to success?

Morena - Vodka - Malta 2008

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Zach said...

I never got a chance to say this while we were chatting earlier, because you had to go to bed...

I think the Russian people will either really like this song and find it funny or they will really hate it. Hopefully it's the former.