Annoying news

Apparently there are some new rules in town. Some very bad, bad rules. For many years now Swedish radio has previewed the Melodifestival entries on the day of the semi final or the day before. A chance for people to listen to the songs without being drawn away by clothes, hairstyles and messy performances. Both SVT and SR have made the songs available on their websites too for those of us who wants to analyze the songs to death and perhaps write own reviews on blogs etc.

Nothing this year. If you are not present at a rehearsal the first time you will hear the songs are live on TV. How rude! First impression is not always the long lasting one... A gruesome situation for Posh & Becks of Eurovision who now can't review the songs until afterwards (and not show off our prediction skills). But worse yet for the MF-songs that grows on you. They will be non-existent in the final and all we'll be stuck with are Brandsta City Släckers types of nonsens with a "funny" act on stage.

How could you SVT/SR???


Zach said...

How rude indeed! I wanted to preview the songs before the madness begins so I can decide what I want to see performed live and what I don't want to see performed live and plan my schedule accordingly.

Tobias said...

Well, apparently it is not their fault - it is the record companies that said no, due to the heavy pirating activity that goes on after the pre-listenings. But they could go back to using live recordings from the rehearsals, like they did in the past?

Anonymous said...

They won't even have the preview show on radio anymore?? I mean the show itself, not songs on the website...