Wow, Bosnia!

For the third year running, Bosnia-Herzegovina selected their entry internally and after two traditional (but good) ballad efforts, bosnian television has opted for something different.

In fact, something very different.

More than one person have described the chosen entry as more of an installation of conceptual art rather than a eurosong. I won't disagree on that one. And just like modern art, it is not really a question about trying to understanding what the whole deal is about. You just have to decide whether you like it or not. It won't come to you automatically.

I'm not just liking it, I am wild about it. To me, it is an entire rock opera squeezed into three minutes, very reminiscent of the more ambitious rock groups of the late 60's. I love it and wish them well. But I demand that the mad backing singer is present in Belgrade. As for the peasants and the chicken, I don't really mind as much.

Laka - Pokusaj - Bosnia-Herzegovina 2008


Anonymous said...

Yes! I was beginning to feel that I was the only person in the world that "got" Bosnia...

Anonymous said...

Isn't a rule: No animals (and especially not birds) on the Eurovision stage? :)