Perrelli wins

Magic show! Did my predictions come true or what? Charlotte, Sanna, BWO, Rongedal. In that order. I knew BWO wouldn't win but I voted 6 times for their song. Clearly the best. Couldn't believe the so-called expert jury who only rewarded it one set of 12 points. Shame on you! After Sanna had sung I said "oh my god....she will win it". Very close. She got the highest number of points in the televoting but Perrelli was in a big lead after the juries so she still won in the end.

Was surprised that the jury held Rongedal as their second favourite. And Bengtzing got high points from the fearful jury and nothing in the televote. Opposite of how it has been for her earlier years. What about the Skåne jury?? Sweden shall never again complain about Eastern Europe only voting for their own when they do the exact same thing within Sweden. Sibel and Frida are both from Skåne...

This is the final result:
1. Charlotte Perrelli 224p
2. Sanna Nielsen 206p
3. BWO 158p
4. Rongedal 142p
5. Linda Bengtzing 64p
6. Nordman 48p
7. Sibel 39p
8. Amy Diamond 36p
9. Christer Sjögren 23p
10. Frida feat. Headline 6p

Televoting result (actual televotes in brackets):
132p: Sanna (449.419)
110p: Perrelli (397.907)
88p: BWO (320.741)
66p: Rongedal (273.521)
44p: Nordman (233.467)
22p: Sjögren (228.674)
11p: Amy D (188.872)
Sibel (120.587)
Bengtzing (115.321)
Frida (81.691)

(voting figures taken from Tobbe Ek's schlagerblog)

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