Euroviisut - Wrong decision

Booooring! I have no interest whatsoever in Teräsbetoni. Can't see the rest of Europe disagreeing with me on that either. Did the Finns even for a minute think of what the best choice for ESC would be? Heavy rock is big in Finland. True. But in schlager-lala-land that is Eurovision? Whatever. Their loss! I'm glad that I moved from Helsinki at the right time to become a proud Swede again. Tried to convince Becks to do the same last night over the phone. Please come home! ;-)

Kari Tapio came ridiculously close to win a trip to the Balkans. Scary thought. We have enough old men from Croatia to keep us company this year. So kiitos for the little things Suomi!

My big favourite Cristal Snow did surprisingly well. Thought he would be too weird and different to reach 3rd place in dear old Finland. This was the only song in the final that could have worked on international ground if you ask me. Risky and daring. Just what Finland would have needed the year after hosting the event to show Europe that they are still a country to keep track of.

Cristal Snow - "Can't Save Me"

He looks just like Laura Voutilainen! Don't you agree?! And wohoo he already made a video for the song. Impressive! Foolish, foolish Finland for not picking this!


Jojo said...

I like Cristal Snow even more after watching the music video, even though it's not my kind of music. Too bad Finland never know what's good for them... us. Like you said, it was the right time to move from Finland to Sweden. ;)

Tobias said...

I wish I could be as enthusiastic about this one as the two of you. Cristal has a great stage presence, but this song is so badly produced and sounds so cheap. Cristal's other songs are so much better. A big, big disappointment in my book.

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