Nina's song of the day 3

Happy Easter everyone!

One of my favourite national finals songs was playing in my iPod today and I thought I'd share. Didn't really think that I would find it on youtube but I did. Hurrah! Then I listened to the live version and almost started crying. What a total waste of time not finding a real singer for this ABBA-ripoff that is splendid in its own way. The studio version that I have sound more ABBA than ABBA ever did themselves and Ronnie is in tune for the whole 3 minutes. The magic of technology hey!

So when you click that arrow please imagine how good this song could be (and is!) in a studio version without the hysterical strutting from Ronnie.

I give you "Lonely Nights" sung by Ronnie France from British national final A Song For Europe way back in 1978. This could have been a classic but is not for obvious reasons.


eurofivestar said...

The great thing about this song is that it is sooo similar to "Angel eyes" by Abba, but was released BEFORE "Angel eyes", Abba is plagiaaaat!

Iván said...

The new stage for belgrado is nearly the same they had in Helsinki :-)