Globen line up

Christer Björkman decided on the line up for Globen as soon as Andra Chansen was over. This is the order the songs will be performed on Saturday.

1. Hero - Charlotte Perrelli
2. That is where I'll go - Sibel
3. Just a minute - Rongedal
4. Hur svårt kan det va - Linda Bengtzing
5. I love Europe - Christer Sjögren
6. Thank you - Amy Diamond
7. Empty room - Sanna Nielsen
8. I lågornas sken - Nordman
9. Upp o hoppa - Frida feat. Headline
10. Lay your love on me - BWO

What a final it will be! And a thriller to the end no doubt. Will the Swedes again vote for a surprise winner as in the heats? Or will they (we) think "Eurovision" now and what would work well internationally? Only one thing is for sure and that is that Christer Björkman wants either Perrelli or BWO to win. Over the years it has been known that opening or closing the final is a good thing.

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