Heavy, Finland

Just as I thought, Teräsbetoni won the finnish final. The surprise was the slim margin to Kari Tapio as well as the fact that somebody as outlandish as Cristal Snow would stand a chance in a Finnish televote.

So, for the third consecutive year, Finland goes rock and everyone in the hall was overjoyed last night. That is great, then. If Finland is happy, I am happy.

But I suspect most european viewers will look at Teräsbetoni and see a pale, washed-out Lordi-copy. And then vote for somebody else. It is time to think new and daring. The way that Lordi were.

But it is nice to hear some Finnish back on the eurostage again, for the first time in ten years time.

Teräsbetoni - Missä miehet ratsastaa - Finland 2008

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