Melodifestivalen tonight

The day is finally here when we will have the complete line up for ESC ready. All 43 entries. And Melodifestivalen is the toughest choice of them all. I can't think of any national final this year that would have had such a strong bunch of songs to vote for. Let the excitement begin!

1. "Hero" Charlotte Perrelli +++++
What a star! What a hero! I keep on singing the chorus inside my head over and over several times a day. A good sign. Every poll ever made is stating that this is the winner. I would certainly not mind. Schlagertastic!

2. "That is where I'll go" Sibel ++++
Sibel is sweet as sugar and has grown to be one of the top best vocalists in Sweden today. Her Celine-ballad is more complicated to sing than "Empty room" but she fails on the charisma and familiarity Sanna has. Mid-table is not bad in this superfinal.

3. "Just a minute" Rongedal +++
It's not until I hear it that I remember how good this is and how bubbly it makes me feel. It seems it's not only me it has the same effect on. The tabloids are whispering about "skräll"-warning. Could very well be the surprise of the evening but probably not higher than bronze. My tip is 4th.

4. "Hur svårt kan det va?" Linda Bengtzing +++
Linda could warm up a thousand households with that electricity she produces on stage. But it won't be enough to rig the voting. The jury is always against her and when it comes down to the final people usually go for the more polished songs that could work around Europe. But thanks for the old-skool-schlager Linda and keep stroking that cat!

5. "I love Europe" Christer Sjögren +
I get that you love Europe Christer but the question is would Europe love you enough to vote for your Lederhosen-Vegas-retirement-strutting? Some people see this as a dark horse but I'm not worried. The jury will reward him a grand nil points and then it won't matter how many dansband-lovers call in. He won't come last though.

6. "Thank you" Amy Diamond ++
Amy will get the child-vote and there are plenty of youngsters demanding their parents to dial for this bouncy number. By no means a candidate for the Serbia-ticket as the song isn't strong enough, but Amy is dynamite and will come back in five years and turn into the new Sanna and win it.

7. "Empty room" Sanna Nielsen +++++
The feeling! The presence! The voice! The lyrics! The melody! The juries will love it and the Swedes already love it. Just maybe enough to go all the way. I won't be surprised if it happens. Guaranteed nothing lower than 2nd place.

8. "I lågornas sken" Nordman +
Nordman's only function in Globen is to gloat over having beaten Carola to the spot. I don't think people will vote for it now when it is serious business going on. No matter how real the witch-burning on stage looks.

9. "Upp o hoppa" Frida feat. Headline ++
Frida won't charm the jury and I doubt the Swedes will go crazy for this once again when the choice stands between more known and loved acts. The standard in Globen is too high and Frida should feel lucky if she can brag about something better than a last place in this league.

10. "Lay your love on me" BWO +++++
This number is the one I'll dial at least 3 times tonight. Not only because Alexander Bard has turned into my idol for his outspoken, honest and arrogant attitude but because this is the song that I love the most. The whole act with the clothes and everything helps. But the song is pure pop and would walk it in Belgrade. Big shame that it will never happen since BWO will come 3rd after Perrelli and Nielsen when the voters have had their say.

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