Belarus goes Vesna

After some deep deliberation, the Belarus delegation has decided to re-style the musical arrangement of their entry for Belgrade. "Hasta la vista" stays the same, but the sound changed from pop to rock.

Is anyone else old enough to remember that Croatia did the same back in 2002, when Vesna Pisarovic saw her entry turn from solid pop hit into a dull pseudo rock number, as exciting as headache and only moderately successful at the ESC.

Belarus can do whatever they please, but I am not sure this was the way to go.

Vesna Pisarovic - Sasvim sigurna - Croatia 2002 NF

Vesna Pisarovic - Everything I Want - Croatia 2002

Ruslan Alehno - Hasta La Vista - Belarus 2008
New version - thanks to ESC Today


Roger said...

Hmm, I'm certainly old enough to remember Vesna :-D But really, I can't hear much of a difference between the two versions. I hear absolutely no pseudo rock whatsoever. But to be honest, I think it's fairly dull in the first place. It hasn't aged at all well.

Tobias said...

It's more obvious when you hear the recorded versions. But the modified version didn't rock my world in any way.
I like that song, but most of the songs of 2002 aged really badly.