Sirusho moving on up

Armenia let Sirusho make a video clip for her entry "Qele Qele", and they kept it simple, easy and effective. Very nice indeed.

On the total, Armenia is rushing up my personal chart and I am beginning to think Sirusho could go really far. It feels like she is doing the old Helena Paparizou-gig but with a new and fresh twist.

I also must admit that I know absolutely nothing about how far womens-lib came in Armenia or anything, but I feel there is a statement in the air when Iran's neighbour country is represented by a song about a dancefloor flirt with female initiative. Way to go!

The question is if the voters favouring this genre will be enough to reward both Armenia and Greece, who are largely doing the same thing this year. Never mind, that is a problem for the final, not for now.

Sirusho - Qele Qele - Armenia 2008

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