Victory for France!

France3 wanted to bring something new and surprising to Eurovision. I have heard that old song before, only to be severely let down. Every time France pretends to have a big name in the sack, it turns out to be some old almost-star a hundred years ago who wrote like the lyrics and then that was it.

My initial response to the name Sébastien Tellier was: who? I never heard that name before. Another let-down?

I would not think so. Tellier has worked with several dance producers and his eurosong is co-produced by Daft Punk. His current album is at #2 in the French album charts. Wow!

Even better - the song is as far removed from the original Eurovision frame as possible. It is entirely in English and is most untraditional in it's build-up and composition, which will, of course, make it a favourite hate target for the traditional eurofans.

Something that just makes me like it a lot more. It is more than possible that this is not the way to spell Eurovision victory in 2008, but I hope this will carry far. With it's mix of dance pop and Beatles-esque twists and turns, this could be a major radio hit and I always welcome songs like those with open arms.

Hit or miss, but this year I love you, France. Great work!

Sébastien Tellier - Divine - France 2008


Len said...

I agree! It's interesting that after all the hoopla last year about the Eastern Bloc, one good effect is that the Western nations seem to be actually trying to find something new and exciting for ESC.

Tobias said...

That is exactly what was needed. All this talk about the East cheating its way to the top is of course pure crap - they had better songs and better singers. Good to see that France and Germany and some other countries take up the fight instead of just staying mediocre and annoyed...