Lili & Susie revival

Tonight, as a fragment of their biggest hit could very well win MF, it is time to direct the spotlight onto an older MF act that could do with a bit of a revival these days. The Päivärinta sisters, Lili & Susie, were by far the biggest dance act in Sweden during the late 80's and early 90's, defending the Italo disco on every given moment.

They danced, the sang, and they were accused of overthrowing one hundred years of female liberation in only three minutes. And in 1989, they were talked into doing MF, against their own will, with the song "Okej Okej". It ended in 5th place, didn't really turn into any major hit, but didn't do their career any damage either.

The sisters scored their last major hit in 1992, when the tides had turned and their musical genre slowly died out. But their output was good, and they should not be forgotten.

And now BWO have snatched a piece of their hit single "Oh Mama" and included it in "Lay Your Love On Me", which is quite OK since Alexander Bard co-wrote most of their hits. Maybe that could be a way of winning MF, or maybe it could spark a Lili & Susie revival. That would be about time, if you ask me. Bring us an extensive hit sampler with the sisters. Now.

Lili & Susie - Oh Mama
(backing dancer Ankie Bagger was in the backing group for Sweden 1989)

Lili & Susie - Okej Okej - Sweden NF 1989

Lili & Susie - Okay Okay - English version

Lili & Susie - Boyfriend

Lili & Susie - Robert and Marie

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