It is really about time that Germany broke through and won this contest again. It has been a breathtaking 26 years since Nicole serenaded peace and subsequently crushed everyone absolutely flat in Harrogate.

I really thought Germany was in with a chance last year, and thought Roger Cicero would be cemented in top five at least in Helsinki. I was oh-so-wrong, and the German swing crashed and burned at 19th place. Not that it mattered - it gave loads of publicity to Roger and gave his career further fuel. The low placing was soon forgotten.

And it seems German television keep playing the game, as they have lined up five hopefuls to take on the honour of representing the bigger record industry in Europe in the ESC.

It is remarkable how often Europe snubbed Germany at Eurovision, considering the open arms german products were greeted with outside the contest. I would hate to think it is still old politics that would be the root of it? Surely not.

Anyway, a victory for Germany would do a lot of good. It would give a well-needed injection for Eurovision on the enormous German market and that could never hurt anyone. And the best bets to ensure German success would be, according to me, Cinema Bizarre and No Angels. Either of them will do nicely. Germany selects tonight. I keep my fingers tightly crossed for them to do the right thing.

Cinema Bizarre - Forever Or Never - Germany 2008 NF

No Angels - Disappear - Germany 2008 NF

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