It's got to be Charlotte

I am so smitten - "Hero" is the best one this year. I just love it. And I can't get enough of it. I just have to hear it over and over on repeat. It has everything I love about Eurovision written all over it. (And it has the more than fabulous Anna Nordell aka Anorah on backing vocals - always an advantage!)

There is no use in posting any YouTube-link on it, because it will disappear anyway, but I am reaching out to everyone in the Kingdom of Sweden. Give Charlotte a second shot at Eurovision, and you will be greatly rewarded.

By having a Song Contest in a Globe near you in 2009.


Schlagerboys said...

The MF final is going to be totally schlagertastic! But it's all about Charlotte for us too! Those glittery heels are just fabulous....

MelloMats said...

We love Europe, hence we will vote for Christer! Blame Ukraina! :)