MF analysis

No report from me yesterday, but here goes. I suppose I don't even have to appreciate just how pleased I was with the outcome, on more levels than one. The show looked good, even if Kristian Luuk seemed a tiny bit less comfortable than usual. Most people are already demanding a third consecutive year with him as presenter, but I am not sure. I like variation and I don't want any more Wogans - I would hate it if people started thinking that MF is impossible without Luuk.

It isn't. But it is very entertaining with him, I must admit.

As for the results, let me start from the back. Frida and Christer Sjögren got what they deserved. In this line-up, neither of them stood out as particularly brilliant (not that I thought they did in the first place, but still) and most people realised they wouldn't make a great choice for Belgrade. The same goes for Nordman. The jury did an excellent job here to hold the three of them down. Except for the jury in Malmö, who absolutely had to favour any entry from Scania. Hiss and boo.

Amy Diamond did better than I expected her to, but she was lucky enough to get small points from almost all the juries. Sibel also had to rely on the juries, since all the ballad votes went to Sanna, as expected. The big surprise in the televoting was the second last place of Linda Bengtzing. Usually it is the juries that hold Linda back, but this year the people told her no. Still, she was ungracious enough to talk badly of the jurors in the newspapers afterwards. Without them, she would have been the mega flop of the year.

Rongedal fourth, why not? BWO third, and I would have seen them like more of a contender. And then, the two darlings on top. Last time we had the jury favourite beat the televote winner, there was a public outburst and for a while it looked like the people would burn the Globe down. This time around, it has been a lot less vocal.

Probably because it gave us two winner instead of one this time. Charlotte goes to Belgrade, where she is very likely to do very well, and Sanna won the hearts of Sweden and will finally become the star she also wanted to be.

There is nothing quite like a happy ending.

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schlagerkung said...

Best song won the MF. And I had it all right. Pleased.