Lucky #2

Swedish newspapers are slowly beginning to realise that Charlotte Perrelli's number two slot in the running order is far from a good place to be. Christer Björkman, from the Swedish delegation, pointed out that no song ever won ESC from a #2 starting position and now the newspapers cry. It is all over, there is no hope and we could just as well send in Céline Dion to sing "My Heart Will Go On" as the Swedish ship is sinking.

Again, they are rather short on analysis. It is true that no #2 ever won the contest, but the semi final is not about coming out on top. It is a question of ending up among the top ten, and that is more than possible from a #2 spot.

And in the final, there is no risk of Charlotte ending up singing in second position. The UK has already secured that unlucky spot for themselves.

But here are quite a few songs that made top ten despite singing as #2:

Michèle Torr - Une petite française - Monaco 1977

Sophie Carle - 100 % d'amour - Luxembourg 1984

Sonja Lumme - Eläköön elämä - Finland 1985

Gina G - Ooh... Aah... Just A Little Bit - United Kingdom 1996

Sebnem Paker & Ethnic - Dinle - Turkey 1997

Jessica Garlick - Come Back - UK 2002


Schlagerprick said...

I think the worst problem is that she is now in direct point-stealing competition with Eurobandið, and that's not a good thing.

Tobias said...

...not to mention Ani Lorak. But I think all three of them will make it into the final anyway.

Barzin said...

Nobody entering the semifinal at the second spot has qualified to the final as well, but Mrs. P. will "probably" break the curse.

Tobias said...

But nobody that sang at the #2 spot in the semi was ever expected to go into the final either. Belarus 2004, Lithuania 2005, Bulgaria 2006 and Israel 2007 would have failed whatever starting positions they would have had...