Schlagertastic Night

I didn't have time to say anything about Andra Chansen before the competition but I was hoping for Sibel and Androla. It was a mega thriller to watch the show last night. I saw it together with a bunch of ESC-fans. We slightly disagreed on who should take the ticket between Sibel and Ola, but the real battle was of course the heat between Androla and Nordman. A lot of them spent money on protest votes against Carola whereas a few of us felt sorry for the former schlager queen when the result came in. Honestly, "One love" is heaps better than "I lågornas sken" as far as songs are concerned. We then all agreed that Suzzie Tapper deserved to win over Nordman and I voted several times for her. It did no good in the end but at least I gave my support.

A lot of other people voted too. Over 1.400.000 votes came in during the show. Almost 1.5 million votes! Unbelievable! I wonder if it can get higher in the final when Carola isn't there?

My evening continued in the stars of schlager when stuffing around to this year's (and old) songs in Club Lino. The dance remix of "Lay your love on me" is just great! But the highlight of the night was the live performance of Charlotte Perrelli singing "Hero" twice to the excited crowd. She was on top and everybody loved her to bits and promised to vote 10 times each for her next weekend. I might split my votes though and give half of them to BWO...

If you are in Sweden you can now buy the official Melodifestivalen 2008 CD in Statoil. If you are abroad or without money you can listen and see all the songs at svt.se instead. Click here to get to SVT Play directly.


Yoyo said...

Im sooo NOT at all jellous at U going to Lino watching the star Perelli..Not at all!! And I soooo dont think I live in the wrong country..I soooo love Teräsbetoni...And will be proud to say YES I live in the golden country Finland where everyone knows how to do Eurovision...*L*

Kim M said...

Tack, miss Nina, för en fin afton!