Hind moving on up

The Dutch entry was presented last night, and to be really honest and upfront about it - the last Dutch entries have all been a very sad and tedious bunch.

I wonder what happened to one of the best and most innovative Eurovision countries, that used to come up with loads of fun entries through the years without ever giving up due to low placings. How did they turn into this eternal flop that keeps sending unbelievably flat and boring songs, only to weep and sob after their obvious failure, blaming others (the East) for their lack of success.

Seriously, I have not liked one single Dutch entry since Linda leapt out of her giant dress back in 2000. But somehow I never give up on the Dutch and keep my fingers crossed every year.

I must say that I am relatively pleased with this year's entry by Hind. Maybe not a winner, but at least this is a song with a chorus you can hang on to. I also think it will sound better with a polished background and no half-hearted live band involved.

I hope Hind makes it to the final, if that would ensure more quality from the Netherlands in the years to come. Windmills, clogs and tulips are not enough - we need choruses as well.

Hind - Your Heart Belongs To Me - Netherlands 2008

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