Eurovision - Your decision

Thanks to the wonderful invention of satellite TV I could watch the British selection last night. I had of course heard the songs in studio versions prior to that and had already made my decision. The winner turned out to be my second favourite of the lot. At best it will reach mid-table in ESC but at least Andy can sing and it's a real song. Even if it is a bit too close to the effort from Belgium last year...

So well done UK! It was a better choice than runner up Michelle who was shouting her way through her repetitive song. However, my fave by far yesterday was "It's You" by girl group The Revelations. That one could have turned the tables around for the poor old UK in Eurovision.

The Revelations - "It's You"


Iván said...

Wow, this song is nice! but the voices are not that good.
I'm surprised about the drag-queen's video. It's WAY nicer that his live presentation. DO you know may be where it's been filmed?


Melodimen said...

Unfortunately, the Great British Televoting public didn't vote for the meloditastic Revelations after their performance live at BBC Television Centre last night.

So much for Birmingham 2009!

Dave Gee said...

Null points for the UK from me this year. A bad choice from a pretty poor selection to be fair. The Revelations' song has a good hook in the chorus (altho the second half needs tweaking a little), but the verses go down too low and are pretty pants (ie. crap ;-)