East vs West

We now have all the 43 entries for Eurovision Song Contest 2008 ready. Sweden will no doubt run through the semi final and then get a good placing on the scoreboard in the final. Of that I am sure. But. And this is a big but. One problem spells the Ukraine. The beautiful Ani Lorak could very well be Ms Perrelli's biggest obstical to the Eurovision throne.

The songs are fairly similar in style.
They have a dance rutine.
They are both sung by female vocalists.
The vocalists are both beautiful.
They have almost the same kind of dress on (Verka certainly set a trend last year, hehe).
They can both sing live.
The words "hero" and "staying alive" shows up in both lyrics.

So I'm worried that they will split the votes between them and end up lower than they deserve. Ani Lorak definitely has the look and is a big star on the Russian market. Charlotte on the other hand has a history in this contest with having won the whole thing in 1999 and will get extra publicity because of that. The nightmare scenario would be if they are drawn to sing head to head in the final.

My prediction is that the Ukraine will get the votes from Eastern Europe and Sweden will score well from the Western countries. May the battle begin!

This is exactly why I wanted BWO to represent Sweden. Their song doesn't have a sound-a-like in any of the other entries this year. Plus, they would definitely score well all over Europe...

Ukraine - Shady Lady - Ani Lorak

Sweden - Hero - Charlotte Perrelli


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Tobias said...

Obstacle. Don't be like that now. :)

Len said...

I think one thing that will work in Charlotte's favor is that "Hero" is a more positive and less trashy title than "Shady Lady". It just seems classier, though Ani's song is certainly excellent.

Caleb said...

This can't have effect in actual fact, that's exactly what I think.
Hochrippe Und Sauerkraut (Spareribs And Sauerkraut)