Preview day

Today is the day when Mr Becks reieves the official preview feed from the EBU, so I can study all the entries before we shoot the Swedish preview shows.

Ah, miss Posh, if you had still been here, we could eat something unhealthy and watch them all and cheer for the good and throw popcorn at the bad.

I am not really saying this make anyone jealous or so, just to assure you that there will be some sort of reaction coming your way soon. Some of the previews, that I already saw on YouTube, look really good. Croatia, Switzerland, Netherlands and Romania all made very good clips, that enhanced their entries further.

Way to go.

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Iván said...

I hope ·cough cough· that you will properly make a copy on DVD of those entries. :-) If you are unable, I will kindly give my advice and technology to do so :-)

I have the Spicies already on dvd for you waiting... see you next week babyyyyy!!!

Miss you!
Give some signs of been alive for God's sake!