You're not alone I got u så vill stjärnorna but baby goodbye

Tonight the Swedes voted almost as I predicted but I did not see Rigo & Rickfors getting that far...

Molly Sandén - Så vill stjärnorna
EMD - Baby, Goodbye
Andra Chansen
BWO - You're not alone
Rigo & The Topaz Sound feat Red
5. Mikael Rickfors - Du vinner över mig
6. Velvet - The Queen
7. Sofia - Alla
8. Maja Gullstrand - Här för mig själv

- BWO will now compete against Lili & Susie in Andra Chansen. Shame as I like both songs but I seriously hope that BWO will win that game as the song was magnificent in its full 3 minutes. My sister and I were drooling like two teenagers when Martin looked straight into the camera.

- "Skrällen" Rigo & Co will compete against Caroline af Ugglas and by then I believe people have grown tired of the repetitive "I got u" and favours Caroline's heartfelt Janis Joplin composition instead.

- The international jury keeps surprising me with odd choices and this week Sofia got the ticket. Sweden will NEVER send a song in Greek to Eurovision so what's the point? Surely BWO should have taken her place. What were they thinking? Maybe next week they'll favour Thorleif!!

- Velvet did not sing well at all but the song deserved a much better fate than that and I hope it becomes a hit as soon as possible. Even "The Queen" would have been a more rational choice from the jury than "Alla".

- "I got u" was a cute little ditty and I could have lived with Rigo and friends ending up at 5th place but seriously, Andra Chansen? Well, rather them than Rickfors I suppose but still...

- Molly was beautiful and sang like an angel except for a frog during her winner's reprise. I got Sanna Nielsen-vibes several times and she'll do well in Globen but rumour has it that Sarah Dawn Finer has a killer ballad next week too. And really, it's Molly lifting the song and not vice versa.

- Erik, Mattias and Danny did fine considering the reports from rehearsals had been so and so. The song is no way near a master piece and I fear Globen as the young girls will vote, vote, vote for their idols. "Baby goodbye" can be a radio hit but I'd hate to see it as Sweden's hope in Moscow.

- What happened with Micke Rickfors? What's the deal there? I. Don't. Get. It. Was his song really that much better than Velvet, Sofia and Maja's? Really? Shame on you Swedish people.

- Maja's voice was better live than in the studio version and the performance looked ok to me. Thought she'd be 5th but what do I know these days...

- I don't know if I didn't pay enough attention or if the song wasn't as good in its full 3 minutes as I thought the snippet was. Sofia fell a bit flat for me during the show. Maybe I have to re-watch her performance on SVT Play.

- BWO! BWO! BWO! No more comment needed. That band always rise to the occation. So my voting didn't help them reach the final but just you wait until Andra Chansen and my phone bill will go bankrupt.

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