Listen! MF semi 2

Has it already been a week?! The new songs are up and you can listen by clicking on the blog title.

Lili & Susie - "Show Me Heaven"
Talk about nostalgia! Posh was a Lili & Susie fan back in the days and even forced her poor grandmother to mime with her during their playdates. (I was Lili, she was Susie) With that said I'm pleased the comeback is full of pure 80s pop and a catchy chorus. The Gimme, gimme, gimme hook is a nice addition too.

Lasse Lindh - "Jag ska slåss i dina kvarter"
Similar to his entry last year but slightly better. I get Patrik Isaksson-vibes more than Håkan Hellström ditto. Likable but I don't think it will stand out enough in this crowd. Would have done better last week...

Jennifer Brown - "Never Been Here Before"
My personal favourite in this heat. Markus Larsson (Aftonbladet) compared it to Dusty Springfield in a column. At that point I was sold and suspicious all the same. Brown is no La Dust (then again nobody is in my world) but the style is definitely there. A soulpop ballad. Yes please!

H.E.A.T - "1000 Miles"
The influence from Bon Jovi and Europe is evident. A good melody, just not as instant as One Night of Passion or indeed In My Dreams (the best rock entry in ESC in my book). Good voice though but I think we might get bored watching them on stage. That could be their fall.

Markoolio - "Kärlekssång från mig"
The "Magnus Uggla of the 21st century" award goes hands down to Markoolio. The question is if he's serious or doing a parody? If the latter I quite enjoy it from the novelty perspective but I'm really not into that type of music otherwise. There's even a wink to Dima Bilan on stage but will folks remember his piano ballerina (2006), skates + violin (2008) enough to get it?

Amy Diamond - "It's My Life"
I prefer the verse to the chorus based on the clip. A more grown up and modern Amy and you can tell Mr Bard has a finger in the game here as the song easily could have been a track on the first BWO album. Just not sure if it would have been one of the singles. Amy is a pro but it won't be no "räkmacka" (prawn sandwich!) to Globen.

Cookies n Beans - "What If"
Release Me by Oh Laura was amazing. This is closer to Dolly Parton than that but what do I care. I've had a crush on Dolly a few years now so I dig What If. Everything but the dresses (update: they've changed the dresses! Thank God!). Nothing you'd expect to hear in MF but after last week I wouldn't be surprised if the girls advance to Andra Chansen.

Måns Zelmerlöw - "Hope And Glory"
You've heard it before. Several times. It's Kempe in a nutshell. Still he finds a twist to keep it interesting enough and by all means it's The Måns who performs the song. People will get what they expect and they won't be disappointed. Not sure I'd want to ship the entry off to Moscow but Hope & Glory deserves to be in Globen.

Why so few good songs last week and so many now? Unfair of Björkman to make me choose 4 songs out of this strong bunch. It will all come down to the live performance I guess...

In the perfect world of Posh:
Jennifer Brown
Måns Zelmerlöw
Andra Chansen
Lili & Susie
Cookies n Beans
5. Amy Diamond

I won't do a "Posh says the people will vote" after last week's fiasco. You just vote as you're told, ok! I have a sneaky feeling H.E.A.T might push one of my choices out when the people have their say though. Please just don't let it be Jennifer Brown...

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Jag röstar på L&S jag. :)