Listen! MF semi 1

Sweden will stand still tomorrow evening. All that counts is Melodifestivalen. Specially the first semi when nobody has grown tired of the event yet. Whether you like MF or not, as a Swede, you need to watch it to have a view Monday morning when you're back at work or school. Melodifestivalen really is that big of a deal in this country.

One minute clips of the first 8 songs are up on SVT until Saturday evening. (Click on the blog title to get there.) I'll sum up my comments after only having heard them twice and predict the outcome.

Nina Söderquist - "Tick Tock"
I liked Nina's voice when she was in West End Star, it's big and rich, and it's fun to have her in MF. The song on the other hand does not grab me based on this clip. Too many words in a quick tempo and also very average. Nothing stands out. Good enough but I had hoped for more. Maybe better when we see the whole package?! (That goes for all the entries...)

Jonathan Fagerlund - "Welcome to my life"
This type of music leaves me totally cold. A shake'n'bake mix of Jimmy Jansson and other tween boppers whose highest goal is to be in a cheesy boyband someday. "Fjortisar" and I have never agreed on music. The boy isn't even that cute. Nah, I seriously don't get it and doubt Jonathan will kick-start his career tomorrow night.

Shirley Clamp - "Med hjärtat fyllt av ljus"
The risk of trying again after three very good songs is that the pressure is ON. Shirley doesn't live up to her reputation this time and though I'm sure the Swedes will take her far the song has no chance of winning MF. It's more "För att du finns" than "Att älska dig" and I was never that into Sonja Aldén either. An OK ballad that will be lifted by Ms Clamp but nothing to put in the Christmas tree as we say...

Scotts - "Jag tror på oss"
Swedes love their "dansband". I don't. A dansband singing a badly rhymed shit song like this turns my stomach. I should not let it upset me but I can't help feel angry and annoyed. Because Scotts' popularity they'll go straight to Globen and I will cringe and swear and sulk.

Emilia - "You're my world"
Oh, I never say no to a bit of motown! The film Dreamgirls ought to have been the inspiration to the writers along with The Supremes. A happy, bubbly piece of cake with sweet and sugary Emilia (aka "Big, big world"-Emilia) as the cherry on top. I doubt she'll advance in MF but I say thank you for being there lifting up my spirit after dreary Scotts.

Alcazar - "Stay the night"
The clip is very repetitive but at the same time hopeful of a modern dance-friendly song that could go far. Sounds much edgier than Alcazar has done in MF before and I like that. Bet they'll have to take the usual tour by Andra Chansen though...

Caroline af Ugglas - "Snälla snälla"
The clip is from the verse so it's difficult to say too much about the song without having heard the chorus at all. But I'll say this much... I got goose bumps. I really like Caroline's special voice (either you love it or hate it) and her storytelling. Soft music that speaks to me but perhaps not the usual MF-viewer. My favourite after the first run through of the songs.

Marie Sernholt - "Disconnect Me"
Competent, good and probably a sassy big stage show but still I don't get overly excited. It feels like everything about the entry is too constructed and not enough heart has gone into it. Shame. It's like the total opposit from the last song but it will look good on tv and gather enough points for 4th or 5th place.

In the perfect world of Posh: Caroline and Alcazar to Globen. Emilia and Shirley to Andra Chansen.

Posh says the people will vote:
Shirley Clamp
Andra Chansen
Marie Sernholt

It could also be that Nina takes Marie's place and she'll end up 5th. What usually happens during the first week of schlager is that people vote for the traditional MF-sound because that is what they have been longing for. Then in the weeks to come more fresh and edgy songs take the upper hand. But tomorrow the conservative bunch will vote and that will benefit Scotts and Shirley Clamp. Unfortunately.


Pierre said...

Yeah, we do seem to have similiar thoughts about the first semifinal. I liked the sound in Carolines song, but the lyrics don't appeal to me and I wonder if there really is a chorus! We'll know tomorrow!

husdjuret said...

så fel det kan gå :)